JLJ-160, JLJ-260 is wheeled roller Xiao-Ping, roller wheel 13 the number of output speed, high efficiency, without having to install, simple to operate, and bus (bus) processing machines. uses a curvature compensation techniques, and traditional roller efficiency level compared to the workpiece slipping improved, reasonable force, save energy more than doubled, while greatly extending the life of the machine.

 Item JLJ-160 JLJ-260 
 Max Width  160mm  260mm
 Processing thickness range  3-12mm  3-12mm
 Leveling roll number  11pcs  11pcs
 Roller shaft speed  34RPM  34RPM
 Leving roll diameter  6500mm/min  6500mm/min
 Motor power/ voltage  Φ90mm  Φ100mm
 Roughness  <1mm/m  <1mm/m
 Machine Size  1250*800*1150mm  1350*800*1150mm
 Weight  700kg  1200kg

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